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Enterprise Crew Management Solutions for Railroads, Airlines, and Large Crew Operations

Logistrics Crew is an enterprise application primarily aimed at crew haulers or operators handling railroad or airline crew. It helps these verticals manage better operationally and reduce costs. It has been in use for several years by one of the largest crew haulers in the U.S. serving Fortune 500 railroads. It is a scalable solution that can support large volumes.

The core of the solution includes a scheduler and optimizer that assign trips to mobile vehicles and crew while taking into account real-time events and changes. Shifts, work schedules, yard daily’s, etc., can be set up and managed. The solution supports unlimited clients, HUB’s, Point of Service and a range of pre-designated roles and permissions.

Also supported are a full range of trip management options that help Companies assign trips, track events, monitor vehicles and their statuses in real-time, monitor compliance to Hours of Service rules, etc. The history trip trace feature helps from both a customer service and operational perspective.

The solution can work on standard smartphones/tablets and delivers quick ROI. It can connect to Fuel Card systems to generate FUEL PIN’s in real-time; a boon for drivers and an excellent control mechanism for Companies looking to reduce fuel misuse. It also supports service alerts, etc.

The system offers full auditability and support for approval processes. It also allows for data import and export as needed. Its customizable to meet specific requirements and feature additions.