0 26th Jun, 2013 Posted in Company News

Enterprise mobile solutions for manufacturers and distributors

The Logistrics Distribute application is built for companies such as soft drink bottlers, grocery chains, manufacturers, etc., that have to manage their supply chain effectively in a mobile setting.

Currently, companies can plan and schedule deliveries before vehicles leave the warehouse. Once the vehicles leave the warehouse, most companies use fleet tracking solutions that only track the vehicle location and some vehicle related parameters. These solutions however do not allow for schedule changes enroute, new trip/order/delivery additions in real-time, nor does it provided for electronic notification of events such as delivery of goods to customers or inventory tracking. These activities are handled manually and via phone calls resulting in an inefficient process that costs more money and reduces overall productivity and customer service quality.

The Logistrics Distribute solution automates all of these processes which allows the company to track all events as they occur, make changes operationally as needed, add orders and trips, monitor vehicles, provide ability to record events such as delivery, etc., and to initiate electronic invoicing tied to events. The solution lends itself to connectivity with CRM solutions enabling seamless operation and eliminates duplicate data entry.

The solution can be easily customized for clients and can also be made available in many languages supporting global deployment.