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Soft-Landing Program helps Canadian companies go global


Toronto, 25 November, 2013 – Little Services Gateway Inc. (www.logistrics.com ) will participate in the Canadian Digital Media Network’s (CDMN) Outbound Soft-Landing Program to help forge the partnerships and connections it needs for international expansion.


Logistrics is a proprietary offering of Little Services Gateway Inc., Canada and helps companies reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and build new revenues. It is seeking local partners both in Chile and Mexico such as system integrators, wireless data marketing companies, etc., who can help promote its solutions in these markets by providing trusted local service and integration support.


Its focus in Mexico and Chile is on introducing its Taxi and Distribute solutions. The Google Android based taxi solution is available in Spanish and can be easily rolled out to local taxi operators without any significant infrastructure investment. The Distribute solution helps Companies especially those dealing with voluminous or perishable goods such as water, soft drinks, milk, cheese, bread, etc., deliver their goods efficiently, handling new orders on route as they arrive providing a reduction in overall delivery costs besides driving higher revenues and superior customer service.


“The CDMN program assists Companies like ours explore new markets and build a wider international footprint for our solutions. It helps us accelerate our global deployment. Little Services will be in Mexico and Chile early December, 2013 to hold discussions with potential partners” said Vish R, CEO of Little Services.


CDMN’s Soft-Landing Program helps mature startups and SMEs kickstart their international growth by helping them access a foreign market.


“The Soft-Landing Program has already resulted in millions of dollars in new business and investment for our participating companies and generated more than a 30x return on CDMN’s investment of funds and resources,” said Kevin Tuer, CDMN’s Managing Director. “International expansion is more important than ever as a driver of wealth and job creation for the Canadian economy. Our success to date demonstrates the tremendous impact that even a modest investment in global business development can have.”


The Outbound Soft Landing Program runs three times a year and companies must meet a range of criteria, including having a technology product or service that is market ready and has foreign market potential. CDMN also operates an Inbound Soft Landing Program for non-Canadian companies looking to break into the Canadian market. For more information, please visit www.cdmn.ca/soft-landing-program/overview/


About Little Services Gateway Inc.

Logistrics is a proprietary offering of Little Services Gateway Inc., a Toronto (Canada) based M2M Company providing its solutions under a “Software as a Service” model. It serves the transportation sector with specific focus on Taxi Dispatch, Crew Management, Food Distribution, Fleet tracking & On-Call Services. Its Crew application is used by a large U.S crew hauler serving several Fortune 500 U.S Railroads. This solution also has several Transit operations features including real-time resource optimization, work hours monitoring, routes, shifts, hubs, schedules and fuel management among others besides offering full auditability. The Company’s Android based taxi dispatch system was the first of its kind in the Android Market when it was launched in 2010 and is used by customers worldwide. The solution works on all Android smart phones and tablets. The Company provides end-to-end scheduling; routing, optimization & electronic dispatch across multiple platforms including in-vehicle devices as well as Android based smart phones and tablets. Its solutions support complex business logic and operational rules and has served several million GPS, Trips/Orders and other data through its system. Visit www.logistrics.com for more details.

Name: Vish R

Email: mail@littleservices.com

Phone number: 1 888 881 2883 / 1 416 331 8282